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I'm Chris

My journey has led me to the intersection of sociopsychology and communication, where I explore how our experiences shape our beliefs and are revealed through our individual differences.

My Perspective

I pride myself as a distinguished professional skilled in intentional communication. With over 20 years of combined experience, I bring a unique blend of expertise, integrating communication theory with sociopsychological constructs, to facilitate robust and constructive dialogues for the constituencies I serve.

After ascending to one of Lee Enterprises’ (NYSE: LEE) most innovative Digital Media Directors, Donahue embarked on a new venture in August 2009, establishing a risk consultancy focusing on technology brands. Despite the challenges posed by the Great Recession, Donahue’s firm experienced remarkable growth, fueled by his strong business acumen and strategic foresight.

Over the years, my consultancy navigated a diverse array of crises, ranging from workplace violence incidents to product recalls, accidental deaths, and school shootings. Simultaneously, the firm was pivotal in cultivating success stories across various industries, including liquor, fashion, and technology. With a steadfast commitment to crisis management and risk mitigation, we earned a reputation for providing invaluable expertise at the right time and place.

Central Objective

I intend to obtain relationships with organizations that value relationships and communication in pursuing their organizational goals. Through this objective, the organization can benefit from nearly two decades of my experience. In exchange, I can offer an expanded breadth of academic and applied expertise.


With over 20 years of combined experience, I offer a unique blend of expertise and knowledge to those I serve.


Deputy Director – Love INC of the Tanana Valley | Fairbanks, AK

April 2021-April 2022

Love INC of the Tanana Valley operates as a Christian mission with a primary objective of delivering humanitarian aid to individuals facing significant challenges in interior Alaska. The organization focuses on providing essential support, encompassing necessities and assistance during times of crisis, to address the needs of the community.

  • With a meteoric rise from Communications Director to Deputy Director, I orchestrated transformative changes at our agency.
  • Led a dynamic team of 21 across three departments.
  • Spearheaded recruitment, retention, and separation processes while securing a monumental $25 million federally-backed grant.
  • Strategic budget management fueled a remarkable 22% boost in fundraising activity, while innovative initiatives drove website traffic soaring by an astounding 900%.
  • Guided the agency through a bold name change and separation from our national affiliation, by executing a triumphant rebranding strategy that resonated with donors and the community alike.
  • Negotiating grant terms and driving philanthropic efforts were all in a day’s work. Departed the agency to embark on a journey of doctoral training

Senior Partner – Liquid Companies | Rapid City, SD

February 2009 – September 2019

Liquid Communications, a subsidiary of Liquid Companies, LLC. wasn’t just a strategic crisis management agency; it was a powerhouse of creativity and strategy spanning diverse market sectors. From crafting compelling narratives to mastering digital landscapes, we thrived in the art of communication.

  • Our mission? To curate captivating marketing, public relations, and digital strategies tailored to our clients’ unique visions. We didn’t just advise; we counseled, leveraging earned and paid media opportunities to propel brands forward.
  • With fingers on the pulse of social media, we orchestrated content across platforms, from Facebook to YouTube, ensuring our clients’ voices resonated loud and clear.
  • Our SEO expertise wasn’t just about climbing the ranks; it was about strategic visibility. We delved deep into analytics, conducted technical audits, applied our roots in statistical analysis, and perfected research to elevate our clients’ digital presence.
  • Metrics weren’t just numbers to us; they were stories waiting to be told. With a keen eye for data and a knack for storytelling, we communicated campaign performance with custom reports and measurement tools, reinforcing brand loyalty and trust.
  • And behind every success story? A dedicated team of 50 individuals, each bringing their talents and backgrounds to the table. From project management to teamwork under pressure, we thrived in the fast-paced marketing world.
  • In 2019, we passed the torch, marking the end of an era filled with creativity, collaboration, and countless success stories.

Director of Digital Strategy – Lee Enterprises (NYSE: LEE) | Davenport, IA

2/2006 – 5/2009

At the Rapid City Journal, a Lee Enterprises (NYSE:LEE) newspaper, I embraced the digital frontier, crafting compelling online narratives and pioneering social media strategies that captivated audiences.

  • Leading the charge in shaping the newspaper group’s digital landscape, I meticulously directed engineers in designing digital platforms and assets, ensuring seamless content delivery and adaptability across devices.
  • Across a constellation of regional newspapers, I wielded my expertise to drive digital initiatives and empower newsroom teams with cutting-edge content management systems to power up journalists’ online storytelling.
  • With a keen eye on optimizing revenue streams and streamlining expenses, I devised targeted advertising solutions and strategic budget plans to enhance digital performance.
  • My most impactful endeavor was conceptualizing the newspaper’s inaugural integrated social media strategy, harmoniously blending print and digital platforms to elevate reader engagement and expand reach.
  • Armed with proficiency in LAMP technologies and a knack for effective communication, I thrived in fostering collaboration and leading digital innovation.


Bachelor of Science, Psychology – Bachelor of Science, Biobehavioral Health

  • Concentrated Study: Human interaction, decision-making, bias, intrapersonal/interpersonal communication theory, applied psychology/sociology.
  • Graduation Eligible, finalizing graduate research interests and foundational position.

The Pennsylvania State University – August 2022 – Current

  • With a rich academic background in psychology and a stellar record of achievement, I have amassed a cumulative GPA of 3.83, placing me on the Dean’s List and in position for three straight semesters at the Suma Cum Laude level. My academic excellence reflects my unwavering commitment to understanding the complexities of human behavior and interpersonal dynamics.
  • My central academic interests focus on topics concerning human interactions, biopsychology, sensation, perception, social interaction, applied communication, conflict management, leadership, and strategic communication. My curiosity led me to explore the intricate mechanisms that govern human cognition, emotion, and social interaction, laying the foundation for his future graduate training, research, and study.
  • Key areas of interest for his graduate studies include juror decision-making, group dynamics, leadership, and theoretical concepts. My research interests are grounded in a robust understanding of research principles, and I am well-versed in qualitative, quantitative, and ethnographic methodologies. I possess strong statistics, data analysis, and synthesis skills, enabling comprehensive and insightful insight that sheds light on complex social phenomena.
  • I am highly proficient across communication contexts and audiences, further enhancing my ability to communicate complex ideas effectively. I have honed my writing skills through coursework, research projects, and professional experiences, demonstrating a knack for distilling complex concepts into clear and compelling narratives.

Psychology/ Applied Communication Theory

University of Hawaii, Manoa – August 1998 – June 2001

While attending the University of Hawaii, I studied mass communication, English, and psychology as core competencies of my undergraduate education, and I played baseball for the university. Following a sports injury, I left academics. Bachelor of Science track, research-focused, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and organizational applied theory


  • Senior Leadership: With a focus on strategic direction and decision-making, senior leadership experience is highly valued in the current market.
  • Integrated Marketing (10+ years): Extensive experience in integrated marketing demonstrates a deep understanding of holistic marketing strategies, which is highly sought after.
  • Integrated Communications: Effective communication and reputation management are critical in today’s market, making public relations expertise valuable.
  • Crisis Management: With the unpredictable nature of business environments, the ability to handle crises effectively is increasingly important.
  • Writing, Analysis, Synthesis: Strong and adaptive writing skills are fundamental when navigating the complexities of today’s business landscape.

Graduate Studies Transparency Disclosure

  • Brown University, Providence, RI USA: Pending acceptance.
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI USA Pending acceptance.
  • Columbia University, Ithica, NY USA: Pending acceptance
  • Dissertation Interest: Applied individual differences when juries decide civil and criminal outcomes. Self-bias, predictability of jury outcomes based on individual difference measures corresponding Five Factor model.
  • Dissertation Proposal: Whether applied bias impacts the outcomes of civil and criminal trials by jury
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