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The HEXACO Personality Inventory includes an Observer Report Form alongside the traditional Self-Report Form, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s personality from an external perspective. This Observer Report is designed for use by individuals who know the subject well (e.g., friends, family, coworkers) and can provide valid assessments of the subject’s typical behavior and attitudes.

Third-Person Perspective:

Unlike self-report forms where individuals assess their own behavior, the Observer Report requires respondents to evaluate the personality traits of another person. This external assessment helps to mitigate some of the biases associated with self-reports, such as social desirability bias.

Structured Similar to Self-Report:

The Observer Report is structured similarly to the Self-Report version of the HEXACO questionnaire. It includes items corresponding to the six major personality dimensions of Honesty-Humility, Emotionality, eXtraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Openness to Experience. This parallel structure allows for direct comparisons between an individual’s self-view and how they are perceived by others.

Reliability and Validity:

The Observer Report is designed to maintain high standards of reliability and validity. It includes carefully phrased items that are easy to understand and respond to, ensuring that the observations are accurate and reflective of the subject’s usual behavior.

Useful for Research and Practical Applications:

In research, the Observer Report can be used to cross-validate self-reported data, enhancing the robustness of findings. Practically, it is useful in settings such as workplace assessments, where understanding how individuals are viewed by their peers can inform decisions regarding team placement, leadership roles, and professional development.
Enhanced Insight into Personality:

By combining insights from both self-reports and observer reports, researchers and practitioners can gain a fuller, more nuanced view of an individual’s personality. This dual-perspective approach helps in identifying discrepancies between self-perception and external perception, which can be crucial for personal development and therapeutic interventions.
The HEXACO Observer Report Questionnaire is a valuable tool for those looking to understand personality through the lens of those who observe the subject in daily life, providing a broader, more objective view of an individual’s characteristic behaviors and interactions.

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